Pumpkin Fluorescent A6 card

4.00 EUR

"Happy Spooks" screen printed pumpkin card with fluorescent orange paint. Perfect for the spooky season 🎃

Each card is slightly different and unique because of the nature of the screen printing technique. The cards are hand cut.

Seconds have slight paint or paper imperfections.

Size: A6

🚛 Delivery to Ireland: 2-5 business days
🚛 Delivery to EU: 1-2 weeks*
🚛 Delivery to US: 2-3 weeks*

* Tracking & Express delivery available

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Instagram â‹ Facebook ❋ Dribbble 

Marta Okulicz / OhCool Design
© Copyright 2023

© Copyright 2023 Marta Okulicz / OhCool Design