Tired Toad UV-reactive Hard Enamel Pin

8.00 EUR

Congrats! You just found your new spirit animal. Say hello to Tired Toad – always sleepy, slightly toxic, super cute!

Original artwork, UV-reactive hard enamel pin in 3 color variants for all amphibian lovers 🐸 ✨

β€’ Hard enamel + screen printing
β€’ 3 color variants
β€’ UV-reactive elements
β€’ Size: 24.5mm x 30mm/ 1" x 1.2"
β€’ Black nickel plating
β€’ 2 black rubber clasps
β€’ Comes with a backing card

The pin is sent out from Ireland in a bubble envelope for extra protection.

πŸš› Delivery to Ireland: 2-5 business days
πŸš› Delivery to EU: 1-2 weeks*
πŸš› Delivery to US: 2-3 weeks*

* Tracking delivery available.

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Instagram β‹ Facebook ❋ Dribbble 

Marta Okulicz / OhCool Design
Β© Copyright 2023

Β© Copyright 2023 Marta Okulicz / OhCool Design